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Cytovance Expands Gene Therapy Service Capabilities

Introduces an integrated single-use platform for plasmid DNA manufacture at Oklahoma facility.

Gene therapy market continues to grow.

Cytovance Biologics has introduced an integrated single-use platform for the manufacturing of plasmid DNA (pDNA) at their facilities in Oklahoma City, OK. Two grades are available (Critical Reagent Grade, CGMP-grade) in lot sizes from 1g to 50g. One grade is available (R&D-grade) in lot sizes from 1g to 5g. With the increasing market growth and demand for pDNA, specifically the gene therapy market, Cytovance Biologics’ addition of this integrated platform will enhance its overall offering of capabilities and will better serve its current clients as well as future clients. “Cytovance Biologics is committed in investing additional capabilities and infrastructure to serve our clients and enable them to improve the lives of patients all around the world,” said Yan Wang, chief executive officer, Cytovance Biologics. “With this new platform, our teams will ensure high-quality, fast, and affordable plasmid development and delivery, which will be key to our clients and ultimately benefit the patients.” Jesse McCool, chief technology officer, Cytovance Biologics, said, “With our years of experience with products of varying biological sources and complexities coupled with the principles of phase-appropriate CGMPs, Cytovance Biologics is uniquely positioned to offer clients the flexible options that are being sought in a robust gene therapy supply chain partner. Whether our clients need pDNA for early pre-clinical work or for advanced commercial efforts, our team will ensure a cost-effective and robust supply of high-quality plasmids that align with the regulatory expectations across a product’s lifecycle.”

Written by: Contract Pharma

Published on: 10.23.19

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