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Roche app allows access to latest cancer guidelines

Roche has launched an app allowing access to the latest guidelines covering the most common forms of cancer.

The NAVIFY Guidelines app embeds the latest National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology.

NCCN is a not-for-profit alliance of 28 leading cancer centres devoted to patient care, research, and education.

When opening a patient case, the app identifies the appropriate guidelines based on the patient’s cancer type.

Clinicians can then select the intended pathway, and click through the digitised decision tree or flowchart and personalise individual steps for a specific patient.

The pathway is accessible to all people using Roche’s NAVIFY series of cancer apps, and can be exported to send to patients or submit for reimbursement approval by payers.

Guidelines in clinical practice help explain a disease and determine the optimal evidence-based treatment for individual patients based on their diagnosis, disease stage, age and other factors.

In addition, clinical guidelines contribute to care management by promoting practice conformity and reducing cost.

The app is updated continuously to reflect the latest changes in guidelines, and Roche added that payers often prefer to stick to NCCN guidelines to ensure that treatments provide the best value.

NAVIFY guidelines also help with documentation, and are available in the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Thomas Schinecker, CEO of Roche Diagnostics, said: “The NAVIFY Guidelines app provides clinicians with peace of mind that the latest clinical guidance has been considered in treatment decision making and monitoring.

“The ability to facilitate and track guidelines adherence, personalisation and documentation supports evidence-based care for patients around the globe. This latest addition to the NAVIFY ecosystem marks another step in supporting the move towards truly individualised care.”

Robert Carlson, CEO of NCCN added: “Digitised guidelines available at point-of-care through clinical decision support software, such as the NAVIFY Guidelines app, help advance our mission of improving and facilitating quality, effective, efficient, and accessible cancer care so patients can live better lives and fits perfectly with our vision to define and advance high-quality, high-value cancer care across the world.”

Written by: Richard Staines

Published on: October 21, 2019

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