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UCB, Accenture Partner to Accelerate Data Processing

UCB to implement Accenture’s INTIENT Pharmacovigilance technology platform

Accenture and UCB have partnered to build a safety solution based on Accenture’s INTIENT Pharmacovigilance to help accelerate processing of individual patient safety case reports. The goal is to help UCB uncover patient safety impacts from existing treatments and better manage the risks of new drugs and services. Accenture’s INTIENT Pharmacovigilance leverages artificial intelligence to collect, manage and learn from UCB’s structured and unstructured source data within pharmacovigilance, which monitors the effects of drugs during clinical trials and after they have been cleared by regulators for use. INTIENT Pharmacovigilance is designed to improve the flow of data, making pharmacovigilance case processing faster, less costly and more consistent. An Accenture Life Sciences operations team is managing case processing augmented by the platform for UCB, allowing UCB’s case processing team to focus on medical assessment and targeted follow up, helping them uncover insights into emerging trends, potential compliance issues, and adverse events. “The patients who benefit from our products are UCB’s number one priority,” said Kristof Huysentruyt, senior director and head of safety data management and systems at UCB Pharma. “Accenture INTIENT Pharmacovigilance will help us rapidly process data to identify potential events or issues while reducing the time and cost needed to deliver a higher level of patient safety. This solution helps us walk the talk of being patient-driven.” “UCB is demonstrating its industry leadership and commitment to patient safety through the implementation of INTIENT Pharmacovigilance. With variable case types and sources and complex regulatory changes varying by geographic region, pharmaceutical and biotechnology executives can use INTIENT to support their data security, efficiency, and analysis objectives,” said Kevin Julian, a senior managing director in the Accenture Life Sciences practice. “Most importantly, the platform and the services provided around it can help advance the discovery and development of new patient treatments by unlocking information that otherwise might be trapped in silos, enabling unfettered access to actionable insights and improved collaboration across the life sciences enterprise.”

Written by: Contract Pharma

Published on: 12.27.19

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